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- a nonprofit - 

Serving families facing adversity and crisis this season.


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Serving Families in Snohomish County

Angels Among Us was founded to provide a means to serve those in our Snohomish County community. Those interested in donating, whether it is physical gifts or gift cards, have an opportunity to shop and drop off donations at the Snohomish Valley Golf Center from December 1st - December 10th 2023. We greatly appreciate all of your generosity! 

If you are a family facing a difficult circumstance, financially or battling illness, we would like an opportunity to help provide in whatever way we can. Please fill out the application at the link above to apply for yourself or someone you know! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Physical Gifts

If you feel pulled to share your shopping talents, please pick up toys or clothes for kids of all ages! The harder needs to fill are the teenage-aged kiddos so if you see something special and want to give, we would greatly appreciate it.


The drop off location will be at the Snohomish Valley Golf Center: 8511 Marsh Road, Snohomish, WA.


We will be accepting donations between December 1st-10th.


Then we will get items wrapped up and begin delivering!


Thank you for considering us as your elves.


Happy Holidays!

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Gift Cards

Gift cards are also a wonderful way to give if you would like to put them in a card and attach a note. Write a "G" in the corner of the envelope and we will know what it is.

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